“Heroes” Preview: Episode 2.1

Tonight starts the second season of my second favorite TV show, “Heroes”. My favorite? Clearly, a tie between “The Hills” and “According to Jim”, but you already knew that.

Here’s a promo for tonight’s ep.

Like I’ve done in the past with “Lost”, and with my work over at Zap2It, I’ll be recapping each episode of “Heroes” throughout the year, posting roughly around midnight each Monday there’s a new episode. I’ve stayed clear of all spoilers, although I’ve heard a few rumblings. Here are five queries as we start the new season.

1) Who is the big bad this year? Sylar looks to be out of commission for a while, and Molly Walker (not Walker, Texas Ranger), indicated last year that there was someone even more badass than head-slicing, DNA-stealing Sylar. Ostensibly this person is associated with the elder generation of heroes, but does this person have a connection to someone we already know?

2) What are the powers of the elder generation? I’m curious to find out. So far as I can tell, Ma Petrelli’s only power is “super guilt”, and Kaito Nakamura’s only power seems to be “the ability to teach expert swordsmanship in a montage”. Clearly there’s more, but what?

3) What exactly is the relationship between the brain and the super abilities on this show? Clearly Sylar can “see” it, and Mohinder (Mo’ problems) is analyzing it, but will a satisfying answer be forthcoming, or as unsatisfactory as midichlorians?

4) Will the show be able to come up with a logical enough answer to supply a reason why Peter and Nathan survive the blast? Could be a make or break moment for the show, as deaths have been fairly permanent on the show so far, and once these people can survive things like a nuclear blast, well, the show’s drama will go downhill fast.

5) Why is the role of Takezo Kensei being played by a Caucasian actor? My wife came up with a theory that makes sense to me: that the person depicted in all the paintings is in fact Hiro. Now, whether or not Hiro assumes this name, or whether or nor Takezo himself is hiding his true identity, we’ll soon find out. But it’s worth wondering.

Anyways, that’s all for now. See you back here round midnight!