‘Tis a “Pity”

Looks like yours truly has caught something truly nasty. I feel like I’ve been attacked by the slime demon on tonight’s Reaper. So I’m gonna postpone my Wee-View until tomorrow night: hope you can all forgive me.

I would like to take this time, however, to welcome everyone who’s come from the Television Without Pity forums for Tell Me You Love Me. Getting linked on their forums was always a dream of mine. Yes, I dream small. Some people dream of mansions, money, and threesomes with the Wonder Twins. My dreams involve getting linked on one of my favorite sites. Just how I roll. (Check out the linkage here, and stay for some cool conversation about Tell Me.)

So thanks to Orchidea, Wittgenstein, and everyone else from TWOP that stopped by! Hope you bookmark this site and come back often.

Tomorrow night: the Reaper Wee-View and the Bionic Woman recap. If you need some Boob Tube Dude fix now, well, look no further than my Lost blog over at Zap2It. Two entries there this week, and two more will be posted by week’s end.

This cold can’t break-a my stride, no cold gonna hold me down, oh no, I gotta keep on blogging….

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  1. Tink
    Posted October 25, 2007 at 2:45 pm | Permalink

    Are you sick with Red Sox Fever?