It’s Gonna be a Blu Christmas

Thanks to my new Playstation 3, that is.

Bought the 40GB model today during a whirlwind shopping spree in which the Boob Tube Babe and I hit Costco, Target, Old Navy, and Best Buy. We didn’t get to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, though. We didn’t know if there would be enough time.

We watched “Spider-Man 3″, which came with the PS3. Good-but-not-great, as advertised, but damn if it didn’t look and sound gorgeous on on the PS3 coupled with my 32” LCD. I don’t have a GREAT hi-def setup, but it’s a pretty darn good one, and I’m excited to watch “300” on Blu-Ray next, since I bought that as well today.

On the gaming tip, I only bought one game: “Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction“. Phenomenal game. Brings tears to my eyes, really, with its gameplay and sheer gorgeousness. More games to come, but this will take up the majority of my gaming time until Christmas, when I hope to get more games. Hint hint.

As for Blu-Ray for TV…tops on my wish list? Oh, like you had to ask. The good news is that everything I currently own on standard-def DVD looks much improved when played through my Blu-Ray player. In short, I barely had any reason to leave the house before this purchase. I can hardly fathom a single reason to leave now.