“Reaper” Wee-View: Episode 1.11

The addition of Bezel-Babe, to quote the eminently quotable Sock, provides a great new dimension to Reaper. They’d taken the “Sam pines for Andi” thing about as far as humanly possible without making either utterly pathetic creatures. Keeping the two of them apart for as long as possible will only help in the long run.

cw-reaper-prt-bharrison-a_006341-c72df2-281×374.jpgAs for the long run: adding Cady to the show gives a potential new side to the Devil, as he may actually be forced to care for a human soul for the first time. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to assume he’s the Wilt Chamberlain of the demonic world, or if Cady is his only offspring, but it does allow not only Sam another point of vulnerability, but the Devil as well. I’m ready for some character development for the Devil, and Cady could be a way to introduce some of that.

Also, kudos to Andi and Josie for finally figuring out that Sam, Sock, and Ben keep looking up criminal records and disappearing from work. So often in shows like this, willful ignorance is maintained for the sake of avoiding tough questions. (I’m looking at you, Chuck. Surely Sarah or Morgan know something’s up, right? I assume Captain Awesome’s too busy looking at his abs in the mirror to notice, though.) Having the two of them team up to spy on the boys could give them something more to do than wonder why every man they know is a schmuck.

Then again, it will be months until we see such sleuthing.  I have no worries the show will be back, but I will miss my weekly dose of benign-yet-effective vessels, devilishly blue neck-ties, and the ongoing mystery behind Sam’s contract. All in good time, one hopes. All in good time.