You’ll Be Tiding

The plan of attack between now and the New Year:

1) The Lost blog will be going strong. The next mobisode features Walt in Room 23. Color me excited. Like, nipplingly excited.

2) The “Top Ten Buffy Episodes Ever” Retrospective. That could run anywhere between one and ten separate entries. Now that I’ve typed it out, it will be ten. That buys me time to go play a race in “Motorstorm” in between entries. I’m a genius. If you need a preview, this episode will featured somewhere in the Top Ten. This one will absolutely not be featured anywhere close to my Top Ten.

3) I’ve promised my brother I’d finally start watching Season 1 of Friday Night Lights. I know, I should have watched this from the beginning, and I have no excuse, except that, all evidence to the contrary, I don’t sit around watching episodic television 24 hours a day. Shocking, I know.

Any other suggestions for the last two weeks of the year?

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  1. little mcgee
    Posted December 17, 2007 at 12:15 pm | Permalink

    Check out Nip/Tuck. It’s really good, and really twisted. Heads up though, there are super realistic plastic sugery scenes that flip you out sometimes, but if you can get through them, the show is incredible, we started season 1 last week, and plan to plow through the next 3 season before the baby arrive in mid-january. But start from the beginning, it’s worth it. And it might have the best soundtrack of any TV show out there.