A Blu-Ray of Hope for Lost

Yessiree, the Boob Tube Dude owns Season 3 of Lost on Blu-Ray, courtesy of the Boob Tube Babe. Needless to say, it looks freakin’ phenomenal in widescreen, hi-def glory. Even though I don’t have full 1080p glory (I only get to 1080i on my 32” plasma), it still looks and feels epically gorgeous. So far, I’ve only gotten through commentary on “A Tale of Two Cities” and wandered through a few extras on the final disc, but the difference between this and what I saw on my normal screen just a few months ago is nothing short of mindblowing. The greens are greener, the ocean bluer, the smoke monster smokier. It’s all good in the high-def hood.

I didn’t stop at Lost for hi-def goodness. Also snagged me copies of Superbad and Layer Cake on Blu-Ray as well, bringing me to five total entities so far in the format (adding to Spider-Man 3, which came with my PS3, and 300). I’m not going to double-dip a lot of my existing DVDs, as the PS3 does an amazingly good job upscaling the ones I already own. And quite frankly, not many television shows need or deserve such lavish treatment. But Lost (along with Heroes, which only exists in HD-DVD for the time being) certainly does, and I’m ecstatic to own it. Sweet Jesus, I want to make out with this fauna.

I’ll be updating the Blu-Ray experience, along with any interesting Lost nuggets I find therein, over at my Lost blog.