“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Top Ten List: The Short Version

I have a lot of good ideas. What I don’t always have is time to execute all these great ideas. I have this fantastic idea that will lead to Eliza Dushku desiring me more than the lead singer of Nickelback (why is she in the “Rock Star” video? And why is Nelly Furtado in it, too? They are both stained by association with that band thanks to that video…ugh, I can’t even talk rationally about it…).

buffy_logo_0001.jpgAnd doing a detailed rundown of my ten favorite episodes of Buffy ever falls under this category of “great idea, if I had the time”. Once I have a few weeks of vacation, or get paid to write about television full time, this list will have to suffice. It’s semi-killing me to do this, but I can’t keep staring at this list (which I solidified over Christmas) and not post it for the benefit of all six of you who care.

So, here they are, from Number 1 through Number 10. I will say, for now, that the Number 1 episode is, in my humble opinion, the Greatest Episode of Television Ever Aired. Yes, even better than the series finale of Eight is Enough. High praise, indeed.

There’s the list. Start giving me hell below. Bring it on. Kirsten Dunst showed you how.


  1. little mcgee
    Posted January 11, 2008 at 11:13 am | Permalink

    Have to say I never really dug “The Body” Maybe because I watched like 5 episodes a day for 2 months on DVD and this episode came soooo out of left field. It took me half the episode to realize that yes…it was going to be like this the whole episode, and the show used so many twists to fake you out that people were dead (it was a dream! It was a spell! look cordelia fell on a spike and we cut away to a funeral, PSYCH!) That I didn’t believe that Joyce was dead. Here’s some I’d add to the list.

    The Wish

    Basically I love any episode where Willow says “Bored now.”

  2. mri
    Posted January 12, 2008 at 6:11 pm | Permalink

    still am on Tabula Rasa. no love for that one, huh? or at least, no top ten love…