A Bigger Boob (Tube)

50” of tubeness is now all mine, thanks to a fortuitous set of circumstances. The details aren’t terribly important, but sufficed to say, I got a good deal on a 50” Vizio plasma TV, put it into Boob Tube Dude Central, and let the good times roll.

First impressions? Mostly droolage. Any piece of technology that makes the Boob Tube Babe stop and take notice is an impressive piece of equipment. And she keeps walking past the past the Man Cave and muttering, “Jesus, that’s a big TV,” to no one in particular. This coming from the same woman that after two years of cohabitation doesn’t see the big deal with my surround sound set-up. “It all sounds the same to me,” she says, usually in a huffy manner, and often while leaving the room. Just wanted to spell out the context in which she’s impressed by our new addition to the apartment.

Also? Family Guy is downright terrifying when displayed on a television that big. Good gravy. It’s not like I found Peter Griffin’s naked body appealing on my 27” standard-def TV, but sweet Mary in the morning, I might block Family Guy on my cable box. And I don’t even have children.


  1. Posted February 27, 2008 at 12:10 pm | Permalink

    Nice one, dude. My dad has a Sony 50″, and my wife and I are glued to it whenever we get back for the holidays.

    Know what else is terrifying at 50 inches? Night Court. Don’t ask why, I can’t explain it, I only fear it.

  2. David
    Posted February 27, 2008 at 8:30 pm | Permalink

    I know what you are talking about. I had the good fortune of getting a Samsung 61′ TV, and watching my favorite shows in HD is awesome.