“Lost” Episode 4.6: Preview

Tonight’s episode is Juliet-centric, entitled “The Other Woman,” and features a brand new Dharma station called the Tempest.

All this leads me to believe that the other woman in question is none other than Prospero’s daughter, Miranda. There, no need to watch the episode anymore.

What? I might be slightly off? And should watch the ep anyway?

Good point. Perchance I will. And have the recap for you, as always, around midnight EST.

In case you missed any of my other Lost musings this week, be sure to check out my Lost blog, where I give a full review of the video game Via Domus and discuss how its shocking ending might provide clues to Season 4 and beyond.

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  1. Mike
    Posted March 6, 2008 at 11:18 pm | Permalink

    The preview for next week’s episode was careful to word things as “you would discover the last of the Ocenic Six”, I REALLY believe that the last of the Oceanic Six are Sun AND Jin. I think the producers have purposely kept us guessing if Aaron is one of the six, and this is just another way for them to throw a curveball at us. The preview for Eggtown stated that we would learn of another member of the Oceanic Six. I think that ultimately this only meant that we were able to confirm that Kate was a member of the Six and not off the island as a fugitive using an assumed identity. According to the dialogue from Eggtown, 8 people survived the crash, 2 of them died on the island, and 6 were rescued (presumably the Oceanic Six). Aaron was never on the plane so he could not have been one of the 8 survivors. And since we know that 6 of the 8 crash survivors comprise the Oceanice Six, Aaron can not be one of them.

    I’ve been keeping up with your writings on Zap2it and enjoy your insight. I am sure that you’ve already thought/determined all of what I’ve said. I started to suspect a few days ago that the preview for next weeks episode would be worded so that the last of the Oceanic Six could be multiple people.

    One last thing, also during the preview we see a silhouette pass infront of Sayid’s face. The silhouette looks to have hair like Michael’s.