Battlestar: Galactica Recap: Episode 4.6

The majority of this week’s edition of Battlestar: Galactica boiled down to monologue by the Hybrid. Very little else of major consequence happened in this episode, although there were some lovely character moments setting Roslin up for her major story arc to come. That arc is also described/predicted in the Hybrid’s speech, so let’s get down to it, shall we?

Thus will it come to pass.
The dying leader will know
the truth of the opera house.
The missing three will give you the five
who have come from the home of the 13th.
You are the harbinger of death, Kara Thrace.
You will lead them all to their end.
End of line.

352px-4×06_-_faith_-_promo_1.jpgSo the dying leader, Roslin, will know the meaning of the events of the opera house vision shared by Gaius, Caprica-6, and D’Anna. Roslin herself has had visions of the Opera House in the past, but to my knowledge never had the Final Five in them.

The missing three, aka Deanna, will now be unboxed, which means hell to pay for the hidden final five. D’Anna, remembers, asks forgiveness of the Final Five, and thus will know who they are upon being awakened. The “13th” is the 13th colony, or Earth, meaning that these five models are meant for at least one race to make it to that planet. Where it gets tricky is when things get to Kara Thrace, as it’s incredibly unclear whose end she will effect. Is she the harbinger of doom for the humans, or the Cylons?

Given that even the final five aren’t entirely sure of their own purpose, one can assume either option’s currently in play. If Starbuck’s at the center of things, Roslin is a close second, with both women certainly attune to the music of the universe more than the majority of remaining humans. Roslin’s music consists of the doleful, yet oddly beautiful, dreams of a fellow patient. The point of these interactions seems to be priming Roslin for resilience in the face of undoubtedly dire circumstances ahead. (As for her last scene with Adama…I mean, that wasn’t even fair, guys. Bravo. Bravo.)

As for Anders…he’s certainly hearing his own kind of music as well, between his shooting of Gaeta, interest in the baseship interface, and almost tender comforting of Eight as she lay dying after a Centurion attack. The resurfacing of the D’Anna model will certainly put he and the other three hidden cylons at huge risk, even as the Cylon ranks grow thinner and thinner thanks to their bloody civil war.

What’s left to be seen is if this show is actually about acceptance of those things we create, or great sacrifice in the name of a brighter future. The former sees the two sides actually working together to find earth; the latter sees the Final Five eradicating their own kind as a means to preserve the human race. Either way, there’s plenty of pain to go around until that path is chosen.

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  1. David
    Posted May 13, 2008 at 7:16 pm | Permalink

    In the first episode of season four, Six in the brig on Galactica tells Roslin that she feels the presence of the five. And Anders is recognized as a Cylon by a Cylon raider which leads to the Cylons withdrawing from the battle.

    Thoughts on why in this episode the other Cylons don’t recognize Anders as a Cylon.