Things I Missed Thanks to Comcast’s Insane Pricing: July Edition

You’d think The Boob Tube Dude has every station available to mankind. But alas, you’d be mistaken. He can only afford HBO atop his normal cable programming, since when you factor in two DVRs and high-speed internet, he pays roughly the GNP of Ghana on a monthly basis to the Cable Powers that Be. So Showtime, Skinemax, Starz, and the like are all out in favor of, you know, stuff like “food.”

But thanks to Netflix, the Boob Tube Babe and I have finally started catching up on Weeds, and it’s about damn time. I’d heard good-but-not-amazing things about it for a while now. Certainly nothing that made me want to pony up the cash for 10 new episodes every 8-12 months. But we got Season 1, all on one disc (thank you, Blu-Ray) and powered through Season 1 in two separate, equally lengthy sessions. If you’re looking for something to watch in lieu of say, Million Dollar Password,  I highly recommend renting it, or delving into any episode that may be On Demand.

If you’re on the fence, here’s a good test: watch the opening credits. You’ll know pretty quickly if you’re in or out. Personally speaking, it had us at “ticky tacky.”