“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” Wee-View: Episode 2.1

So here’s the bummer about shows such as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. In episodes such as this, the level of danger never rises to critical level, since you know, just KNOW, certain people will make it out alive. As such, I never feared once for John Connor’s well-being, since I’m fairly sure the powers that be at Fox don’t want to deal with the time paradoxes inherent with John Connor sending a Terminator back through time decades after being killed. Just a hunch of mine.

sarah-connor-chronicles-season-2-set-pics-11.jpgSo let’s skip all that and get to the good. In particular, Summer Glau did some fantastic physical work throughout the first half of the episode, really selling the model’s damage while limping after John. Even more impressive was the work done by her while sandwiched between two trucks. A potentially cheese-tastic scenario was redeemed by Glau playing is straight, Thomas Dekker selling the hell out of his conflict, and the terrifically interesting mythology introduced by all the “I love you” stuff therein.

Hopefully Derek can eventually shed some light as to the back story between Cameron and Future John, but I for one am interested to see in whose image Cameron was created. Will she turn out to be the Claire Danes of this particular iteration of Terminator storytelling? Only time will tell, but it definitely added a layer to the already latent sexual tension established during the end of Season 1.

Three other long-term arcs were also established tonight. The first, and less interesting, centers around Charley’s long-burning torch for Sarah, with his marriage due to meltdown oh, around sweeps time. The second? Agent Ellison’s ongoing “what have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this” survivor’s guilt, with much less Pet Shop Boys and much more Cromatie.

As for the third, looks like a T-1000 or T-X owns and operates an R&D firm keenly interested in the Turk. Because this model has taste, it came back looking like Shirley Manson of Garbage, only one of my all-time Top 5 crushes. Bless you, T: TSCC, for having such good casting taste. I kinda sensed she was a Terminator, but only because I wanted to chalk up her stiff acting to her robotic nature and not lack of skill. But I do enjoy the notion of Terminator models exploiting, rather than fighting, the modern capitalist infrastructure. After all, it’s man’s desire to build a bigger bomb that created the need for Skynet in the first place. Why not just edge things along?

In short: a lack of tension coupled with a host of potentially intriguing plot points. So long as we avoid more shots of Shirley Manson morphing into the Toilenator, and I think we will have something here for Season 2.

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    As if I needed another terminator chick to crush on . . . at least my wife can balance it out by getting her man fix via One Tree Hill at nine.