State of the Show: “Heroes” 10/13/08

OK, didn’t recap Heroes last week, so here’s the State of the Show as of tonight: I’ve come to the conclusion that looking for anything other than escapist fun is fruitless. Season 1 featured some incredible character work, but all that has ceded to the particular Volume in which the show deals. Historical precedents are ripe for the raping as the show tries to shock and thrill, continuity be damned

It’s not all bad, of course. So in honor of my last Heroes-centric write-up, I present to you the Heroes, the Villains, and the Pamchenckos. Only instead of characters, I’ll look at plotlines.


mr_parkman.jpgNightmare Man as Linderman. Yes! Really nice twist that I didn’t see coming, and much more believable than Linderman cheating death in order to manipulate things. When Linderman started to speak to Daphne, I was confused, and glad to have said confusion removed by episode’s end.

Peter’s Dark Side. Anything that makes Peter less emo is good in my books, and his swift takedown of Sylar reminded me of his Season 1 encounter with Isaac that led to Simone’s death. And anything that reminds me of her death warms my sick heart. (Also, he managed to NOT kill Nathan this week. Which is a pretty big deal. I was awaiting a scene in which Peter went back in time and killed his brother during a Little League game with a Louisville Slugger.)


Mohinder, Mo’ Problems.
What…the…hell. From potential Professor X in Season 1 to the bastard child of Peter Parker and Jeff Goldblum, how far we’ve fallen, Mohinder. Though you did managed to weave Maya into your web, so, not all’s lost.

Another Hiro Plan Bites the Dust. Maybe he’s going for quantity over quality, but how many Hiro ideas have backfired this year? At least we know now why Ando wants to kill him in the future. Obviously, Hiro will course correct thing in an episode or so, but the animosity between them will linger on through the volume.


sylar_face.jpgPapa Petrelli’s Army. I’m waiting to see why these villains, and for what purpose, before rendering judgement. He’s got a mind controller, fear exploiter, speed demon, and time controller. Hmm…what would MacGuyver do? (Also, I’m pretty sure I didn’t see Robert Forester in that prominently displayed photo during Season 2.)

Claire’s Descent into the Dark Side. There’s enough muddy middle ground being explored here to make it interesting (no one comes out clean in the Claire/Sylar/HRG triangle), but the show really needs to give Claire some intelligence, stat. The promo for next week’s ep gives me little hope, however.

Wave of Experimentation.
So, are ANY powers part of evolution, or merely a byproduct of science? This all reeks heavily of midichlorians here. If the show reveals that the formula was a way to scientifically replicate naturally evolving phenomena, fine. If not, I might check out for good.


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    Are not going to recap Heroes anymore?

  2. Posted October 14, 2008 at 10:29 pm | Permalink

    These are still recaps, just as time and show warrant. Hopefully I’ll be recapping every ep the night it airs, but if life gets in the way or if a certain episode is terrible, I have this format as a backup plan. Fear not, plenty of Heroes goodness to come here!

  3. Posted October 16, 2008 at 3:10 pm | Permalink

    I understand. I do enjoy your recaps. I’ve been reading the Lost re-recaps on Zap2It. I’m working my way through season 2 now.