“Heroes” Recap: Shades of Gray

Not bad. Not bad.

99039a20e5cb1862eabb481ab13a9aa4.jpgNot good, mind you, aside from Angela Petrelli sipping on Cristal and making Denko pee his pants. But the show might have pointed itself in a direction that could end this volume, dare I say it, satisfactorily?

A bold claim, and one I might eventually regret, but there are seeds planted towards some semblance of progression. Nathan finally outed, Sylar finally reborn, and Claire finally growing up. All good things, and while the episode labored to get these pieces in place, I hope Heroes can now take the ball and jog with it.

Not run with it, just yet. Baby steps, guys.

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  1. Bert Hooks
    Posted March 11, 2009 at 7:28 am | Permalink

    I can’t seem to comment on the Hitflix site, so I’ll put my thoughts here:

    I think Heroes is finally heading in the right direction. I enjoyed most of this episode. It was fast-paced enough and things actually happened, although there is room for improvement. The Sylar stuff was boring. I even fast-forwarded through some of it. I hope to GOD he doesn’t spent most of this season driving again. I did not miss Hiro at all, although the little bit at the end was hilarious. If all Mohinder ever did was do the monologues, that’d be just fine with me, thank you very much.
    Claire’s convo with HRG was very good. She is finally growing up. I knew Doyle wouldn’t change, but I still think she did the right thing. She shouldn’t be the final judge of who can stay free and who should get captured, although, if she had chosen to let him get caught, I wouldn’t have blamed her at all. I still think she needs to learn some type of fighting skills, post-haste, to go along with her healing ability.
    The stuff with Angela and Danko was priceless. Here you go: AMEN and AMEN.
    I forgot about Sylar being in Danko’s apartment. That should be interesting. I doubt Sylar kills him. My money is on them joining forces or something. The bad guys need some teeth, and Sylar would certainly give them some teeth.