Eizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain appear on “Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan” to discuss the state of women in television

Last week, my podcast partner in crime Maureen Ryan posted a provocative column on the state of women in the television industry. Based on that article, I emailed her that we should further explore the topic in one of our podcasts. I further suggested that she think of people in the industry that she thought might be able and willing to aide that discussion. I may be many things, but “a woman working in the television industry” just isn’t one of them. I know. I fail at life.

fain.jpgMo ended up getting not one, but two, incredible guests to appear on the podcast. Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain have written and produced some of the best television has to offer over the past few years, with stints on “Angel,” “The Shield,” “Dollhouse,” “Lie to Me,” and currently work on “The Vampire Diaries.” In addition, they created and produced the television series “Women’s Murder Club” on ABC.

They took time out of their busy schedules to talk about the state of the industry from a woman’s perspective: ho they broke into the business, what it’s like to be both female and a writer in the industry, and what steps need to happen to ensure that women have a more prominent part in shaping the television landscape.

It’s a fascinating conversation with two of the smartest individuals working in the industry today. I learned a lot just in the short time we had, and all four of us hope this 30-minute chat is just the start of a much larger one in Hollywood as well as online.

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    Ryan, are you posting anywhere else. I type your name in Zap2It and come up with zilch aside from old Lost posts. Is there anywhere I can find you?

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    Just here for now. In the Fall, the plan is to return to both Zap2it and HitFix.