‘Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan’ Triple Play (Including an exclusive chat with “Cougar Town” creator Bill Lawrence)

A quick note: you can read all my Monday recaps for “Chuck,” “The Event,” and “Hawaii Five-0” by checking out my personal page over at AOL’s TV Squad. That’s a handy one to bookmark. And you can check out my recap of tonight’s “Glee” over at HitFix. But I’m not here to talk about those recaps so much as the not one, not two, but THREE podcasts I recorded with Maureen “Mo” Ryan tonight.

In one, we do our weekly “Mad Men” chat, this time with The AV Club’s Keith Phipps as special guest. In the second, we look at shows like “The Event,” “Caprica,” “Rubicon,” and deal with some sad news from the world of “Spartacus: Blood and Sand.” In the third, “Cougar Town” creator Bill Lawrence (also known as the man that created “Scrubs”) joined us to talk up his ABC comedy. All in all? About 2 hours of TV audio goodness.

As per usual, you can subscribe to the podcast here. You can also download all podcasts directly from Mo’s new digs over at AOL, although subscribing is your best option to ensure you get all episodes of “Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan” as soon as they are available. If you absolutely hate iTunes on the same level at which Mo hates “Outlaw”, here’s another link for downloading MP3s.