“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan” talks “Justified” and “Fringe”

Mo Ryan and I are back, with an hour-long edition. (Which is short by our usual standards.) We preview the upcoming season finales of “Justified” and “Fringe,” plus take some more listener questions.

Time stamps:

“Justified”: 0:00 – 21:48

“Fringe”: 21:48 – 40:50

Thoughts on the ever-increasing ads for online television content: 40:50 – 48:56

Some reasons behind showrunner shake-ups: 48:57 – End

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  1. Adam
    Posted May 5, 2011 at 2:31 pm | Permalink


    I was wondering if you will be doing any more reviews of Nikita, especially as the season (series?) comes to an end. It’s not a show I’m am totally in love with at this point. I still think it can be a bit uneven, and some of the dialogue can be quite cheesy and lame. However, I have found myself really looking forward to Nikita the past few weeks as it really seems to have amped up the stakes and thrown a few curveballs I didn’t expect (or at least so soon). And I still think Lyndsy Fonseca has been great all season, and I really look forward to seeing what other projects she does in the future.

    I also admire that the CW tried to do something outside their “wheelhouse” in Nikita’s case. The show isn’t entirely immune to all things CW, but for the most part, it seems to be telling the story it wants to tell without falling into ‘90210’ territory. Do you think the CW will be willing to try more series outside their norm in the future? What kind of future do you think the CW has? I can’t imagine they can survive if they keep targeting only the women 18-34 audience.