“Falling Skies” Review: “Sanctuary, Part 2”

After last week’s steller ep, I was primed for a great hour of TV tonight.

Oh well.

Read about my disappointment here.

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  1. George
    Posted July 26, 2011 at 5:16 pm | Permalink

    For years I was a passive Viewer of Television. Even after experiencing and falling in love With shows like The Wire and The Shield. In the last two years I’ve become way open to genre fare. Especially after watching shows like TERRIERS, BREAKING BAD AND RUBICON. But there are limitation. One if a show is unable to find what it’s good at in it first two seasons then i’m through with it. If new show spew geyser of cliches. Then it becomes something I watch couple episode back to back. Currently Falling Skies, The Glades,Memphis Beat, and Rookie blue are on that list.
    If the Glades, Memphis Beat and Rookie Blue don’t show some significant improvement by the end of there sophomore season. Then I’m through with them.