Catching up on Recent Reviews: “Alias”, “Falling Skies”, “Big Brother”, and “Superheroes”

I try to keep up with timely linking to writing in other places, but sometimes life gets in the way. So I’ll try to be better going forth.

Alias: I’ve been reviewing two episodes a week all summer from the show’s first season. Catch up on them all right here in anticipation of this Wednesday’s review of the season finale.

Falling Skies: I’ve also been reviewing this summer’s TNT sci-fi hit as well on a weekly basis. Catch up on every review here.

Big Brother: I’ve been part of the team covering this show this summer for HitFix. You can find all past reviews on their Monkeys as Critics blog.

Superheroes: I got to review this excellent HBO documentary, which premiered tonight. It’s a must-see, and hopefully a must-read.