“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Our Most Anticipated Returning Shows

Mo Ryan and I have a crazy huge show this week. 90+ minutes this time around, all about the shows we can’t wait to have back on our televisions. But these shows don’t come without reservations, either. We look at 10 returning favorites, plus a short look at FX’s “Louie” as it approaches the end of its insanely successful second season.

Times for this podcast:

Intro/”Louie”: 0:00 -12:25

“Sons of Anarchy”: 12:25 – 22:45

“Supernatural”: 22:45 – 29:02

“Parks and Recreation”: 29:02 – 34:45

“Luther”: 34:45 – 40:31

“Chuck”: 40:31 – 47:48

“The Office”: 47:48 – 58:11

“Fringe”: 58:11 – 1:07:30

“Boardwalk Empire”: 1:07:30 – 1:16:32

“Glee”: 1:16:32 – 1:24:08

“The Good Wife”:¬† 1:24:08 – End

This week’s music: “Back on the Chain Gang,” The Pretenders; “It’s No Good,” Depeche Mode

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