What is the Boob Tube Dude covering this Fall?

It hasn’t exactly been quiet for yours truly this summer, but it’s been relatively manageable compared to my normal schedule. Well, that’s all about to change in a few weeks, when the Fall TV schedule kicks into high gear, along with my reviews of those shows. So what will I be covering?

First of all, the Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan podcast will continue. This week, we’re planning a mega blowout, with at least five separate installments covering all the new shows dropping this Fall. After that, Mo Ryan and I will be doing a once-a-week installment covering the hot topics in TV that week. Make sure you subscribe on iTunes to get the latest editions as soon as they go live.

When will those weekly installments drop? That’s a bit trickier. This Fall will be epic for yours truly, as I’ll be covering seven shows on a weekly basis. Yup, seven. Considering this is not my full-time job, that’s a little nuts. Luckily, the way it breaks down, I’ll rarely have all seven in a given week. But I will have a healthy amount in any seven-day period, which will make the time between now and Christmas seem like a blur.

Here’s the weekly breakdown, along with premiere dates in parenthesis. All times EST:

Mondays: Terra Nova (Sept. 26, 8 pm, FOX).

I’ll be covering this for HitFix’s Monkeys as Critics blog. I’ve seen one version of the pilot already, but will reserve full judgment until seeing the new one between now and the premiere date.

Tuesdays: Glee (Sept. 20, 8 pm, FOX); Cougar Town (TBA, ABC)

Glee: I’ll be back covering this show’s third season for HitFix. Can’t wait to see if an actual writer’s room whips this show into shape, or produces an even hotter mess than last year. Should be riveting either way.

Cougar Town: I’m excited to pick this show’s third season up for The A.V. Club. It’s unclear when this will return, but when it does, I look forward to covering the Cul de Sac Crew.

Wednesdays: Suburgatory (Sept. 28, 8:30 pm, ABC)

A real highlight of the overall dire new batch of Fall shows, “Suburgatory” features an at-times familiar but often fresh take at life in the ‘burbs. Think “Edward Scissorhands” meets “Juno” and you have a small sample of what’s to come. I’ll be covering this for The A.V. Club

Thursday: See My Wife (6-7 pm, The Chili’s Near Our House)

Yea. You’re jealous.

Fridays: Fringe (Sept. 23, 9 pm, FOX); Chuck (Oct. 21, 8 pm, NBC)

Fringe: Fewer shows have given themselves a higher degree of difficulty going into its new season. I’m rooting for the show, but I have some doubts that I hope the show addresses in the early, Peter-less hours. I’ll be taking this on over at HitFix.

Chuck: Sniff. The final season. I’ll be covering the final 13 episodes over at The A.V. Club.

Saturdays: Saturday Night Live (Sept. 24, 11:30 pm, NBC)

The venerable institution returns with Alec Baldwin, Radiohead, and me shaking my head at half of the sketches. As I did last year, I’ll be covering this for HitFix.

This, of course, doesn’t represent EVERYTHING I will cover this Fall. I’ll be writing a lot more for The A.V. Club, both covering one-off reviews, participating in multi-writer inventories, and doing whatever else needs getting done there. There’s also a possibility that the above shows change/mutate over the course of the summer. What’s the best way to keep up with my latest reviews? Follow me on Twitter. I always link to everything there, whereas I’m sometimes slack about linking to everything here. (See: all my “Big Brother” recaps this summer.) You can also bookmark the Monkeys as Critics blog or my personal page on The A.V. Club to see the latest and greatest.

I look forward, as always, to sharing my thoughts on these shows with you. Can’t wait to have you join the conversation this Fall.

Which of these shows are you most excited to have on your TV this Fall? Sound off below!


  1. angelpoo12
    Posted September 12, 2011 at 9:31 am | Permalink

    I sniff too for Chuck. :(

  2. Loretta
    Posted September 12, 2011 at 2:22 pm | Permalink

    Hi Ryan,

    Long time since I commented, though I’ve been reading this blog and some of your other reviews for awhile. Why aren’t you covering “Ringer” or “Person of Interest”? Like you don’t have enough to do already. :)

    However, I’m glad that you’ll be covering “Terra Nova” — and no, I’m not going to say that this is Fox’s belated response to “Lost.” Oops, darn it!

    Loretta (aka “Buffy fan” from your Lost blog)