“Fringe” Season 4 Premiere: Review and Podcast

“Fringe” is back, y’all. And I’ve got you completely covered.

First up? My full review of tonight’s episode, “Neither Here nor There,” is live over at HitFix. But I had so much to say about it I couldn’t contain it in mere written form.

Mo Ryan and I went and recorded an all-“Fringe” podcast to mark the occasion. It’s a 20-minute take on the episode, primarily concerning the Peter-less world that the show now features.

This week’s podcast music: “Are You Out There?”, Dar Williams; “Wish You Were Here,” Pink Floyd

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    I’m very very excited about the addition of Lincoln Lee to the main cast. I can’t wait to see where the writers take us next!

    Here’s my (snarky) thoughts on the season premiere: