“Glee” Review: “I Am Unicorn”

I reviewed Glee again for HitFix. But guess what? This week’s episode was actually…good.

I know. I am as shocked as you.

Find out why in my full review.

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  1. Gman
    Posted October 11, 2011 at 9:59 am | Permalink

    Pillsbury and Beast directing the musical have potential for a lot of comedy which this show is lacking lately since the writers are opting for more drama. I was glad to see Shelby back because I like her as an actress. I’m so tired of seeing the bullying though. I missed most of the first season which I need to go back and watch. That first season was about the baby between Quinn and Puck, but now that story is back in the picture. I’m glad that I can get the episodes on DVD from Blockbuster with my Movie Pass because it’s so convenient to have them sent to my home. I also love that the Movie Pass is free for new customers but I get it with my employee account for only $10 a month on the same bill.