“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Community, SAMCRO, and Sepinwall

Mo Ryan and I had the great opportunity to have Alan Sepinwall join the podcast this week. It was good timing, in lieu of NBC’s midseason announcements this week that left “Community” on the bench and the network’s future in limbo. The three of us also talked about this week’s overstuffed, but curiously undercooked, episode of “Sons of Anarchy.”

Time Stamps:

“Community”/NBC: 0:00 – 22:01

“Sons of Anarchy”: 22:01 – End

This week’s music: “Communication Breakdown,” Led Zeppelin; “The Static Age,” Green Day

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  1. Commenter X
    Posted November 16, 2011 at 10:03 pm | Permalink

    Re: the NBC discussion, what I find most puzzling about NBC is that since for right now they obviously have no idea what to do, why not do the obvious thing as a stopgap: copy what is working for others.

    For example, ABC has shown there is a big market these days for family comedies. Why not make a few of those and see what happens? Up All Night is a good start. Commission a few more and make a night of it, it might work.

    CBS with 2BG, HIMYM and BBT, not to mention ABC’s Happy Endings, have shown there’s a market for comedies about single young people. Well make a few of those too, instead of all these 30-something married couple shows (Perfect Couples etc) and workplace comedies they keep trying and failing with.

    I’m not saying this is foolproof but rather just for lack of any talented and visionary leadership, a smart way to go in the interim. Instead of you know, a show in which Whitney tries to be funny to steadily sinking ratings.