Introducing “Not Just TV, McGee”

I’ve been writing about TV for over a half-decade.

I’ve been podcasting with my esteemed colleague Mo Ryan for over two and a half years.

Tonight, I announce my latest endeavor: “Not Just TV, McGee”, a new podcast hosted by yours truly that will serve to both augment my existing writing/podcasting as well as extend my reach into the world of music, movies, videogames, and…well, whatever else I can think up.

There will be an iTunes link in the near future, but for now, learn all about the new project (and listen to the first two episodes) at the Not Just TV, McGee homepage. The first episode is a 40-minute chat with my wife, in which she talks about what it’s like living with a TV critic and we chat about some shows we watch but I never normally critically analyze. The second is the inaugural installment of what will be a central feature of the new podcast: audio reviews, recorded and posted the night new episodes of certain shows air. Plenty of people write about TV every night. Hopefully this approach will add something new to the critical landscape. Tonight’s “Breaking Bad” episode “Fifty-One” gets the honor of being the first episode I discuss in this way.

There’s an insane amount of things that will be happening over on this new podcast, but don’t worry: “Talking TV With Ryan and Ryan” isn’t go anywhere. In fact, Mo and I have three (yes, three) installments of that dropping this week. It’s a pretty exciting time for yours truly, and I hope you enjoy the new podcast.