The Boob Tube Dude vs. Honey Boo Boo: Radio Throwdown (Updated)

After appearing this week on WGBH to talk Fall TV, I’ll be back on the radio tomorrow to talk about one show in particular.

I’ll be appearing on The Current on CBC Radio One. That’s a Canadian station, so many regular readers may not be able to tune your dial to listen in. (It looks like it’s on Sirius Radio, Channel 159, for those that have that service.) I’ll be on talking “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” alongside a reality show producer and a pop-culture savvy professor to locate its place within the reality show spectrum. The segment will air starting 8:37 am across each time zone. Yup, all of Canada will be able to hear me. Sorry if this hurts your country’s fine relationship with the United States.

For everyone else, you can listen in via The Current’s website. The segment has already been recorded, and I’ll actually be on the way to work while it airs here on the East Coast. But even if you’ve never watched the show, there’s plenty of reality TV talk to keep anyone and everyone interested for the 25-minute discussion. Given the site’s content, it looks like it will be archived for future listens if you can’t check in live.

Update: The piece was postponed a day, but will air September 13th starting at 9 am and be available for streaming soon after on the website. 

Hope you can tune in!