The Boob Tube Dude Birthday Bash Contest

So it’s my birthday on November 15th. Rather than ask for gifts, I want to give you one.

So here’s a little contest, which I hope is “fun” for you and not “clinically narcissistic” for me. You have a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card throughout by birthday by doing the following:

  • Follow me on Twitter at “TVMcGee”.
  • Tweet “I follow @TVMcGee” at any point on November 15th through November 18th.
  • Attached to that tweet should be either 1) a picture of you holding up a small sign saying “I follow @TVMcGee” or some sort of photoshopped image with those words in them. The best image will win the gift card. Be creative!

That’s it!

Note that I won’t be judging the pictures. I’ll be showing them all to my wife, who will judge the images blind of who sent them to ensure as much objectivity as possible. The part in there about “my wife judging them” should probably indicate that scandalous pictures will not be highly valued. I’m looking at you, Myles McNutt.

Assuming anyone actually enters, I’ll be announcing the winner next week and then contacting the winner so I can send the card. So long as you have access to Amazon, you should consider yourself eligible. If for some reason this turns into a technical snafu, we can work out some way to reward you for your efforts.

I’m just doing this for fun, and as a reward to all of my followers on Twitter. Can’t wait to see what you all produce!