The Boob Tube Dude At The Austin Television Festival

The wife and I rarely travel, but when we do, she usually makes sure that we watch as little TV as possible. After all, that’s what I do every other week of the year, and she has this whole thing about “pay attention to me” when we go out. It’s pretty nutty, I know.

This year, we’re combining work and play by traveling to Austin, Texas, for the second annual Austin Television Festival (ATX). We’re arriving a few days early to make sure we take in some local sites, sounds, and beverages before attending the three day festival.

I’m lucky enough to be hosting two events at the festival. The first is “Casting Deconstructed,” which looks at the world of casting from a variety of angles. The second is a screening of “The Riches,” the late, great FX drama that aired in 2007-8.

In addition to that, I’ll be attending other ATX panels and events just as a fan of TV. I’m hoping to meet many people that I only know through Twitter or comment boards while there, so I’m putting my information out here so people can find me. Yes, I have near crippling social anxiety, but I hear they have beer in Austin, so I should be OK.

The best way to “reach” me is via Twitter, as I’ll be glued to it for a lot of the weekend. My handle is @TVMcGee, so you can write or stalk me there fairly easily. I look pretty much like the avatar above, so look to the sky and search out a 6’5” bald dude telling people why “Scandal” will be on his Best of 2013 list and no, he doesn’t think that’s weird.

The basic plan for panels will be this:

Friday, June 7

10:30 AM, SFA Assembly Room: Casting Deconstructed

12:00 PM, SFA Assembly Room: Creating The Sound Of A Show

1:30 PM, Alamo 2: “The Riches” screening

6:00 PM, San Jose Hotel: Outdoor “Friday Night Lights” screening

Saturday, June 8

10:00 AM, State Theatre: Friday Night Lights Diaries

12:00 PM, Alamo 2: Comedy Bang Bang

3:30 PM, SFA Ballroom: Veronica Mars Panel

5:00 PM, Alamo 1: “Enlisted” screening

Sunday, June9

10:00 AM, SFA Ballroom: Pitch Competition


All of this is subject to change. And none of this accounts for the bars/impromtu meet-ups that I and others may be organizing. So follow me on Twitter for the latest and greatest. Hope to see you there!