All About the Dude

Contrary to popular belief, my name’s not really the “Boob Tube Dude”. In the first place, my parents would never name me that, and secondly, in what came honestly as a bit of a shock to yours truly, the government wouldn’t allow me to legally change my name to “Boob Tube Dude” on my 18th birthday. Thanks a bunch for killing my dream, Big Brother.

In real life, my name is Ryan McGee, and I live just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Yes, I like the Red Sox. No, I won’t randomly type “Nomaaaaah!” into every entry on this site. Not how it’s gonna be, people, so don’t worry.

I created this site as an outlet for my not-too-small obsession with television. In college, I was a music geek. Post-college, a movie freak. But then all my hair fell out, I stopped going to shows, I stopped going to movie theatres, heck, I stopped going out at all, and that left television.

And here we are.

What you’ll get here is anything and everything television-related. Most content will revolve around recaps (one to three thousand word reviews of an episode of television) and wee-views (three to five hundred word recaps). In addition, I’ll sprinkle in a healthy dose of links, clips, and anything else that I feel needs to be shared with you. For now, I’m covering “The Voice”, “Fringe,” and “Saturday Night Live” for HitFix, and “South Park,” “Cougar Town”, and “Spartacus” for The A.V. Club.

If you like what you see, wish to suggest a new show for me to check out, have a scoop, or just want to send me photos of your belly button, fire off an email here. I promise I won’t post any naval-based photos, unless of course you have a piercing in the shape of the helix from “Heroes”, in which case, well, that belly’s gonna be on my blog. Just how I roll.