All Things “Lost”

Given how much “Lost”-centric material I’ve been producing, I thought it best to provide a central place so you can catch up on all the reviews, all the podcasts, and anything else “Lost-“related I might create. Except fanfic. This is a fanfic-free zone. If you want to read something about Jin keeping Sawyer warm on a cold island night, look elsewhere.

Without further adieu…

Zap2It’s Guide to Lost

Four to six times a week, I write about Lost for the entertainment website Zap2It. Everything from the latest news about the show to the most outlandish theories about Season 4 are all discussed on Zap2It’s Guide to Lost. This is definitely the best place to check out my latest and greatest about the best show on television.

Podcast Information

Each Sunday while the show’s producing new episodes, I produce a 15-20 minute audio recap of the show. Click here to go to Lost-Cast Central. That page also contains a “Subscribe” button that will enable to you to sync up the podcasts through iTunes. Yes, they let me on iTunes. They’ll let just about anybody there these days. iTunes is a total ho that way.

Episode Reviews

I post a review of each episode within two hours of the episode airing. They are loose, conspiracy-filled, pop-culture soaked, provocative takes on the latest (hopefully) mindbending episode. Season 5 links can be found below.

Season 4 links can be found below.

Below, you’ll find links to each individual review from Season 3.

Other “Lost” Links

Hey, I know my limits. I know I can’t be the be all and end all of the online “Lost” world. I know, it breaks my heart as well. Here are a few sites you should visit if you want to learn more about “Lost”.

So, like, is everyone on the island in purgatory or something?

Uhhhhh…no. Don’t make me slap you.

But, Locke’s dad said they were in hell! So it’s hell, right?

Slappage shall commence anon.

What if I want to share my theories? Challenge your opinions? Send Smokey the Monster after you?

Simple: email me.