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State of the Writing Union

About every six months or so I go into a spiral in which I wonder things like WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT, not in terms of my overall life per se but the writing part of it specifically. It’s one of my more charming qualities, and I’m sure those of you that have been reading me […]

Why I’m getting out of the episodic review rat race

A few weeks ago, I wrote this in a time of reflection. I was trying to figure out how to keep my sanity in a moment that seemed the furthest thing from sane. But it’s not like that piece emerged fully formed out of absolutely nowhere. It had been percolating in my brain for weeks, […]

Guess Who’s Back…Back Again….

It’s been far too long for an update here. I’ve been so busy writing over in other abodes that I’ve neglected my homebase here. I’m like another Ryan: Ryan Bingham from the film “Up in the Air,” spending most of his time on the road and barely doing anything with his base of operations. But […]

“Heroes” Recap: Episodes 3.4 Delayed

Thank you, Boston Red Sox, for taking up my non-paid hours tonight. The four of you who actually care about my Heroes recap will get it tomorrow, promise.

Monday Night Mayhem: 9/29/08

If you missed it, well, don’t worry. I have you covered. Three recaps for your reading enjoyment. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Episode 3.4 Chuck: Episode 3.1 Heroes: Episode 3.3 Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to ice my wrists.

Writing Up a Storm

But not here. Apologies for that. But there’s plenty more to digest all the same. Lost: Make Your Own Kind of Music Ten Lost Topics To Consider Before the Season Finale Who created the cover story for the Oceanic 6? My Essential Sci-Fi Films Reaper Season Finale Recap Coming tomorrow…I break down the anticipation for […]

Venture Brothers: Season 3 Preview

My love for this show knows few bounds, and those are only in place due to a few restraining orders. (Long story.) In any case, there’s a gloriously wrong preview for Season 3 up on the interwebs. Check out all its majesty here.

Vastly Amusing

When the powers that be over at Zap2It asked some of its writers to submit their photos for a “Celebrity Lookalike” service they were unleashing, somehow I didn’t expect my mug to land on the front page of their website. And yet, there ’tis. Least they put me next to links for my Lost blog, […]

A Bigger Boob (Tube)

50” of tubeness is now all mine, thanks to a fortuitous set of circumstances. The details aren’t terribly important, but sufficed to say, I got a good deal on a 50” Vizio plasma TV, put it into Boob Tube Dude Central, and let the good times roll. First impressions? Mostly droolage. Any piece of technology […]

Words, Words, Words

Just not here tonight. If you want my latest mega-theory on Lost, be sure to check out my Lost blog for all the details. Warning: I mention Social Security, but it’s in a way sexy context. If you want a little something non-television related, go visit the Boob Tube Dude’s elder site for a bit […]