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Dispatches From The ATX Television Festival, Volume One: A high level look at the week that was

It’s less than 24 hours after returning from Austin, Texas for the third annual ATX Television Festival. And while I’m still dead tired from the experience, I wanted to write up a few thoughts about it while memories are still fresh. I’ll have a lot more content coming from this festival in the upcoming days […]

The Only Guide To The ATX Television Festival That You’ll Need, Except For All The Other Ones

With the ATX Television Festival about two weeks away, I thought I’d offer up some thoughts as to what one might expect should one find oneself in Austin for the fest. Man, that’s a lot of hypotheticals already. We’re off to a bad start here. Nonetheless, I figured I’d offer up some thoughts for those […]

Dispatches from The Second Annual Austin Television Festival

Plenty of reputable entertainment journalists have already broken down a great deal of the newsworthy things that went down at the 2nd Annual Austin Television Festival (ATX). I’m not here to do that. I’m here to give my impressions of the event, both from a professional and a personal level. Everything below will be more […]