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“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan” breaks down some summer TV

Mo Ryan and I are back, this time with a plethora of shows to discuss. Time breakdowns are as follows: Intro: 0:00 – 4:30 White Collar: 4:30 – 9:32 Covert Affairs: 9:32 – 16:30 Franklin & Bash: 16:30 – 25:00 The Glades: 25:00 – 33:22 The Killing: 33:22 – 53:30 Camelot: 53:30 – 1:07:32 Battlestar: […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan” suggest some summer viewing

Mo Ryan and I are back, with an hour-long edition. Again. I know, we’re thrilled this didn’t turn out longer than “Lord of the Rings” as well. In this edition, we each offer up three shows you should catch up on this summer when programming isn’t as overwhelming as it is throughout the rest of […]

“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” Wee-View: Episode 2.4

When I saw the previews for this week’s episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, I was pretty psyched: bits of Cameron’s past! I mean, future! Unfortunately, as is the way with previews, all the good stuff got jammed into the short, tightly edited package. The lengthier, full-episode version of this week’s tale didn’t fare […]

Summah-Time TV

The five of you who read on a regular basis might have noticed I skipped the recap for the last episode of Battlestar: Galactica. And I didn’t so much skip it as simply not do it. Give my responsibilities over at Zap2It, I write here primarily when I have passion about something, since there’s only […]

Battlestar: Galactica Recap: Episode 4.6

The majority of this week’s edition of Battlestar: Galactica boiled down to monologue by the Hybrid. Very little else of major consequence happened in this episode, although there were some lovely character moments setting Roslin up for her major story arc to come. That arc is also described/predicted in the Hybrid’s speech, so let’s get […]

The Boob Tube Dude is Back in Beantown

Had a little sojourn to the Windy City over the weekend to meet a few Misfits, but I’m back in the saddle again. Coming up tomorrow: my recap of the latest episode of Battlestar: Galactica. But for now, take a peek at Part 1 of my extended look at John Locke over at Zap2It’s Guide […]

Battlestar Galactica Recap: Episode 4.5

More than any episode this season on Battlestar: Galactica, “The Road Less Travelled” felt like a stop-gap, a place-holder, a way to get people into psychological frameworks for the actions yet to come. This is all fine and well, but considering the second episode of the season also sought to do this, it’s all a […]

Battlestar Galactica Recap: Episode 4.4

It’s no surprise that the follow-up to last week’s episode of Battlestar: Galactica dealt with empty spaces. After all, last week ended with Cally ending up in the vacuum of space. And in the aftermath of Cally’s apparent suicide, everyone onboard the Galactica were dealing with their own personal vccuums. Their voids.  And how they […]

“Battlestar: Galactica” Recap: Episode 4.3

If last week’s theme was “realignment,” this week on Battlestar: Galactica was about about “feelings,” primarily the attempt to access those out of reach or put aside those flooding the mind. No matter what ship upon which the action took place, this theme dominated the events upon that particular vessel. As such, let’s look at […]

“Battlestar: Galatica” Recap: Episode 4.2

This week on Battlestar: Galactica was all about the tectonic shifts in fundamental beliefs systems. (So you know it was just a laugh a minute, people.) Everyone all on fronts were forced to confront worlds that were radically different from those before the attack outside the ion cloud in last week’s episode. As such, this […]