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“Bionic Woman” Recap: Episode 1.8

Well, there you have it folks, the last Bionic Woman for quite some time. Tonight’s episode was the last produced before the writers’ strike, so even if it survives the winter months to air new episodes (a prospect still up in the air, unlike other NBC shows), this is all we have for the foreseeable […]

“Bionic Woman” Recap: Episode 1.7

Note to Bionic Woman: I know I’ve been harsh on your show, and I know that you’ve gone through a dozen or so show-runners to even get us through the first third of your inaugural season, but please, whomever is running the show now, let’s keep it this way. Pretty please, with bionic sugar on […]

“Bionic Woman” Recap: Episode 1.6

Bionic Woman has so far suffered identity crisis after identity crisis, going through tonal shifts the way Lindsey Lohan goes through her mom’s liquor cabinet. It’s hard-core sci-fi! It’s a wink-wink genre! It’s a family drama! It’s a feminist take on the modern woman! It’s really freakin’ terrible! It’s kinda sorta OK! And after all […]

“Bionic Woman” Recap: Episode 1.5

Well, it didn’t take Bionic Woman long to bust out the British accent, did it? Only took five episodes for them to finally let Michelle Ryan talk in her native accent. Pretty convenient that the Berkut Group gave her an undercover assignment where she was a transfer from Oxford, right? I think asking Jaime beforehand […]

‘Tis a “Pity”

Looks like yours truly has caught something truly nasty. I feel like I’ve been attacked by the slime demon on tonight’s Reaper. So I’m gonna postpone my Wee-View until tomorrow night: hope you can all forgive me. I would like to take this time, however, to welcome everyone who’s come from the Television Without Pity […]

“Bionic Woman” Recap: Episode 1.4

Well, here’s the silver lining of tonight’s episode: at least no one shouted, “You can’t handle the truth!” Because really, what else can you take away from this subpar episode of Bionic Woman, a complete and utter step back from any and all advances made last week? This week’s theme was trust, or the lack […]

“Bionic Woman” Recap: Episode 1.3

I think I’ve been a bit too hard on Bionic Woman. It’s not that this week’s episode made me think, “By Jove, I’ve been looking at this show completely incorrectly! This is genius on par with ‘Hamlet’, ‘Metamorphosis’, and the later film work of Corbin Bernsen!” But I do think I brought a Battlestar: Galactica […]

“Bionic Woman” Recap: Episode 1.2

OK, I want to clear up a little misconception a few of you who read recaps online might have: we reviewers by and large don’t WANT the shows we cover to be bad. I know it might seem like that at times, but here’s the thing: while it’s harder to write a positive review than […]

“Bionic Woman” Recap: Episode 1.1

Well, folks, she’s here. Bionic Woman! We have the technology. We can rebuild her. And we can also celebrate her re-introduction into the prime-time lineup with a little help from one Alanis Morissette. Alanis, take it away! A young girl Gets hit by a truck She was a bartender Now she’s down on her luck […]