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“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Interview with Matt Nix

I was away last weekend, but Mo Ryan sat down with “Burn Notice” creator Matt Nix for a chat about the show and the current television landscape in general. It’s a fantastic chat, and one worth listening to even if you’re not fully caught up on the world of Michael Westen. Programming note: Mo and […]

‘Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan’ drop two more podcasts for your listening pleasure

Maureen “Mo” Ryan and I are back, this time with another guest for our weekly “Mad Men” podcast. We had the pleasure of having Tom Fitzgerald, one-half of the dynamic blogging duo over at Tom joined us a few months ago over at “Orientation: Ryan Station,” and we were thrilled to have him back […]

Summer TV Catch Up: What I’ve Been Watching

It’s been a lot of “Mad Men” these past few weeks here on the blog, but I’ve been watching plenty of other shows. Some have been part of the great “Catch Up Now That ‘Lost’ Ended and I Actually Have the Time to Watch Them” project: shows such as “The Wire,” “Deadwood,” “Party Down,” “Spartacus: […]