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‘Cloverfield’ Review

(Cross-posted over at Misfits of Sci-Fi.) Ladies and gents, I trust you’ve seen Cloverfield by now. I was there at the first showing I could get to after work on Friday. I’ve spent the weekend thinking about what I saw, and I jotted down a few thoughts for your consumption. (Note: I don’t recap the […]

The Dude is Lost

It’s pretty much Lost all day, every day for the Boob Tube Dude. Sorry, but the season premiere of According to Jim just isn’t cutting it for yours truly. Not only does the Dude have mobisodes to keep him occupied now, but he also had a brand-new alternate reality game to sink his teeth into. […]

“Heroes” Recap: Episode 2.10

I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again. It’s really hard to make good television. I get it. I truly get it. But Season 1 of “Heroes” is good television. Hell, it’s GREAT television. Which makes “Generations” so gosh darn painful. From plots that are going nowhere, plots that have been forgotten, and certain threads […]

“Cloverfield”: The not-“Lost” trailer premieres

I’m still convinced this is a Lost movie, darnit. And by “convinced” I mean “I will hold onto this slim thread until the day I die.” Check out my theory here.