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Thirty minutes or less: Where unexpected television pleasures thrive

It’s always fun podcasting with Mo Ryan, and not just because she’s one of the best at what she does. Occasionally, one of us will say something that dislodges an unknown stumbling block in the other’s cranium, and a shaft of metaphorical light will shine down upon a previously dark area. Other times, one of […]

Checking in on…”Community”

(The first in a series in which I occasionally check in on series that I watch but don’t regularly write about…) I have a problem with “Community.” But it’s not the one, or ones, that you might think. Anytime I voice any objection to this show in blog form, podcast form, or even Twitter form, […]

Guess Who’s Back…Back Again….

It’s been far too long for an update here. I’ve been so busy writing over in other abodes that I’ve neglected my homebase here. I’m like another Ryan: Ryan Bingham from the film “Up in the Air,” spending most of his time on the road and barely doing anything with his base of operations. But […]

Top 5 Sci-Fi Conspiracies

 The introduction of Fringe into the television landscape brings to the forefront one of the my favorite tropes: the conspiracy! That’s right, that age-old, Rockwell-esque sensation that just below the surface of everyday life lurks something vast and sinister. In Fringe, it’s something called “The Pattern,” started in the 1970s in a Harvard laboratory and […]

The End of Drama

Given how quickly things have moved this season on Lost, I wonder out loud once again: is the traditional model for broadcasting drama hopelessly outdated? Or rather, is the question, “Is the business model for television in actuality television’s greatest enemy?” Now, this question doesn’t affect all programs, naturally. Ongoing procedurals such as Law and […]

Ray of (Free) Light

When I bought my Playstation 3, I really didn’t buy it for the games. Oh sure, I play games on it, and quite a bit (though primarily on weekends only), but I really wanted to get in on television and movies on Blu-Ray. I had an inkling Sony would win the high-definition battle, and paying […]

How “Rock Band” Predicts the Future of Television

So my father bought me Rock Band for Christmas for my Playstation 3, which I’ve been playing as often as I can (read: when the neighbors are out).  It comes loaded with about 50 songs that you unlock throughout the game, but even after finishing all of those, you’re still not done. On a weekly […]

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Top Ten List: The Short Version

I have a lot of good ideas. What I don’t always have is time to execute all these great ideas. I have this fantastic idea that will lead to Eliza Dushku desiring me more than the lead singer of Nickelback (why is she in the “Rock Star” video? And why is Nelly Furtado in it, […]

Bank(er) On It

Desperate times here at the Boob Tube Mansion: on my television right now is Deal or No Deal, and that’s about the best option I’ve got going for me right now. Although, if I am a patient little Dude, in approximately forty-five minutes I can see the relaunch of American Gladiators, so really, what do […]

The Boston Boob Tube Dude

A hearty welcome to all of you that have wandered over from, where yours truly was featured on its homepage this afternoon. Yes, I’m from Boston, so for the lot of you who come on a daily basis, that particular mystery is solved. (I’ll leave other mysteries, such as “When does he sleep?” and […]