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Review: “The Day Of The Doctor”

Look, that was never going to please everyone. Not even by a long shot. “The Day Of The Doctor,” a special event movie airing on the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who,” was designed as a celebration of the past as well as a way to point to the future. As someone not exactly pleased with […]

“Doctor Who” has a new lead, but is in more desperate need of a new showrunner

News that Peter Capaldi is the Twelfth Doctor in “Doctor Who” will be the main headline that comes out of today’s live special to announce the newest Doctor. Overall, the special was the type of fluff reserved for basketball players announcing where they will next take their talents: Thirty seconds of news took up nearly […]

“Doctor Who” Review: “Asylum Of The Daleks”

“Asylum of the Daleks” represents a departure from the somewhat overwrought sixth series of “Doctor Who”. While the second Stephen Moffat-helmed season of “Who” had its highlights, it was also weighed down by its labyrinthian design, which eventually fancied puzzles and riddles over good ol’ fashioned character development. Part of the problem lay with Moffat’s […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: American Horror Story, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad

Once again, the title says it all, people. Mo Ryan and I are back with a 50-minute installment. We look ahead to one  premiere, and look back at episodes involving timey-wimey weddings and makeshift car bombs. Good times. Time codes: American Horror Story: 0:00 – 19:04 Doctor Who: 19:04 – 33:48 Breaking Bad: 33:48 – End […]

“Doctor Who” Review: “Let’s Kill Hitler!”

I wasn’t going to write up thoughts on last night’s “Doctor Who,” since others I know have already done so quite ably. But there’s a hurricane/tropical storm bearing down on Boston as I type this. And rather than nash my hands together and wish for Brick Tamland to deliver the weather to me instead of […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: The Return of the Mo

Mo Ryan is back, y’all. Your two-week national nightmare is over. We’re talking “Doctor Who,” “Breaking Bad,” the state of women in Hollywood, and answer some listener questions. The schedule goes as follows: Intro/”Doctor Who”: 0:00 – 15:50 “Breaking Bad”: 15:50 – 35:42 The current state of women in Hollywood: 35:42 – 51:51 Listener Questions: […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan” talk “Doctor Who”

Mo Ryan and I are back, this time with a single focus: the first half of Series 6 of “Doctor Who.” Don’t worry: it doesn’t get too spacey-wacey, promise. But it’s still almost an hour of geek-tastic discussion. (Also, you can read my review of the mid-series finale, “A Good Man Goes to War,” here.) […]

“Doctor Who” Review: “A Good Man Goes to War”

Last night’s “Doctor Who” concluded the first half of the show’s sixth series (post-reboot), and it’s time to look at those episodes as a whole. The short conclusion? Too clever by half, but at times quite thrilling despite the ways in which Moffat and Company seem to delight in preventing either its characters or audience […]

“Doctor Who” Review: “Day of the Moon”

If you’ve seen tonight’s episode of “Doctor Who,” you hopefully know why I decided to hold off offering my thoughts on last week’s premiere until now. In every conceivable way, the two are companion (pun intended) pieces. “Day of the Moon” functions as an hour-long answer to the questions posed in “The Impossible Astronaut,” even […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan” talks “Doctor Who,” “Cougar Town,” and more

Mo Ryan and I are back, with a nearly 90-minute installment this time. We previewed the season finale of “Archer,” welcomed back “Cougar Town,” talked “Treme,” delved into the role of critic in light of reactions to previews of “Game of Thrones”, and wrapped things up with a non-spoiler preview of the upcoming season of […]