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“Doctor Who” Review: “A Christmas Carol”

Charming. Utterly charming. There are a few thousand words I could write about this year’s “Doctor Who” Christmas special, “A Christmas Carol,” but writing about what works about a particular episode of this show is on some level an exercise in futility. Telling you about The Doctor, Kazran, and Abigail riding around the sky on […]

The Top 10 Television Shows of 2010: Part 2

Yesterday, I started listing my Top 10 of 2010. Only, the thing is, I never actually got to the Top 10 itself. That’s the blogging equivalent of “Lost” calling its penultimate episode “What They Died For” without actually explaining what they died for in that hour. But hey, I love me some “Lost,” and if […]

‘Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan’ discuss ‘Mad Men’, ‘Rubicon,’ and more

We’re back with not one but two installments of “Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan.” One is dedicated solely to the last two episodes of “Mad Men,” but the other is a treasure trove of talk about other shows. In the other podcast, Mo Ryan and I talk “The Big C,” “Weeds,” “Rubicon,” “Doctor Who,” […]