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“Dollhouse” Recap: Episode 1.12

Tonight’s season (series?) finale? A letdown, to be honest. Too confusing by half, with the focus once again on the wrong characters. Then again, when it comes to actives, “character” might not be quite the right word. Read my full recap here.

“Dollhouse” Recaps: Episode 1.10 and 1.11

WASH! You’re a leaf on the wind. And you’re apparently something else, as well. Read all about it here. (And since I neglected to link last week’s recap, here ’tis.)

“Dollhouse” Recap: Episode 1.9

“You need to investigate why it exists. The Dollhouse deals in fantasy but that is not their purpose. Investigate their purpose.” So sayeth the mole inside the “Dollhouse,” via Mellie (aka November) to a completely confused Agent Ballard in tonight’s solid episode. It’s the second time that the mole has delivered this message to Ballard […]

“Dollhouse” Recap: Episode 1.8

It was the great philosopher Descartes that once said, “Tell me whatcha want, whatcha really really want.” Least, I think it was him. Maybe I’m screwing that up. In any case, tonight’s episode of “Dollhouse” centered around desire; namely, those yearnings that were causing recurring glitches in several of the dolls. Rather than repress those […]

“Dollhouse” Recap: Episode 1.7

For everyone out there complaining that “Dollhouse” doesn’t bring the funny the way Whedon shows of old did, this one was for you. This was its “Band Candy.” This was its “Spin the Bottle.” This was the episode in which everyone was allowed to act supremely silly while under the effects of something inherently diabolical. […]

“Dollhouse” Recap: Episode 1.6

And there, folks, was the first truly great episode of “Dollhouse.” No doubt about it. The kind of episode we’ve wanted all along, often in ways we couldn’t have possibly predicted. More than anything, above the dense mythology, overt active abuse, and new revelations, the episode set to ask a very simple question: what if […]

“Dollhouse” Recap: Episode 1.5

As a Whedonverse fanatic, I jumped for joy upon learning that Tim Minear wrote tonight’s outing of “Dollhouse.” That man usually brings the awesome. So imagine my disappointment while watching this week’s fairly pedestrian episode. Nothing was really wrong, but very little was right, either. While it was thematically interesting to link the mindset of […]

“Dollhouse” Recap: Episode 1.4

If you had told me I’d find an episode of about a pop singer’s protection more enjoyable than an episode about a heist gone wrong, I’d have told you to leave me at the mercy of a Russian mob specializing in human trafficking. And yet here am I, having watched a Dollhouse episode long on […]

“Dollhouse” Recap: Episode 1.3

Well, this is just swell. I promised myself I wouldn’t get attached. Wouldn’t get hurt again. But there Dollhouse goes, making me start to care for it something fierce. And I just know it’s gonna end up one day being gone, like an active’s memory once the mission is complete. Then again, if Echo’s any […]

“Dollhouse” Recap: Episode 1.2

Hey, Fox, did you watch tonight’s episode? That should have been your Dollhouse pilot. Not because it was perfect. Far from it. But it was miles beyond last week’s meh-fest. There’s work to be done, but the show’s starting down the right path. Put it this way: it’s currently halfway between horrible and Dr. Horrible.