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“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Mo’ Myles, No Problems Edition

Mo Ryan is on vacation for a few weeks. But never fear: podcast favorite Myles McNutt stopped by to talk with me about several of the summer’s hottest TV topics, including one that may surprise some of you. The schedule goes as follows: Intro/”Louie”: 0:00 – 11:56 “Weeds”/”Entourage”: 11:56 – 27:58 The current state of […]

Summer TV Catch Up: What I’ve Been Watching

It’s been a lot of “Mad Men” these past few weeks here on the blog, but I’ve been watching plenty of other shows. Some have been part of the great “Catch Up Now That ‘Lost’ Ended and I Actually Have the Time to Watch Them” project: shows such as “The Wire,” “Deadwood,” “Party Down,” “Spartacus: […]

Entourage: Season 7 premiere recap

A few words about tonight’s season premiere of “Entourage”…