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Why shows that break your heart are the most important ones to watch

If you watch enough TV, then it will inevitably break your heart. Maybe a show you love will kill off a character, or maybe it will go completely off the rails and lose any of the charm you once found in it. Or, as in the potential case of a show like “Enlisted,” not enough […]

“Fringe” Review: “The Human Kind”

With the show back on for three weeks in December, I check in over at HitFix on the latest ep. Enjoy!

Friday Night Reviews: “Chuck” and “Fringe”

My fingers. My poor, poor fingers. No more writing tonight. Just linking to tonight’s reviews. Chuck: “Chuck Versus The Business Trip” Fringe: “Wallflower”

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Homeland in the Multiverse

Three lengthy discussions this week, y’all. Mo Ryan and I look at the seasons thus far of “Fringe” and “Homeland”, and look at this week’s episode of “Sons of Anarchy,” entitled “Hands.” Running Times: 0:00 – 14:42: Fringe 14:42 – 36:00: Homeland 36:00 – End: Sons of Anarchy This week’s podcast music: “There’s No Home […]

“Fringe” Review: “Subject 9”

When does a resolution just pose more questions? Well, tonight, that’s when. Head over to HitFix for my full review.

“Fringe” Review: “Alone in the World”

I want Peter Bishop back. But not for the reasons that “Fringe” would like me to want him back. What does that mean? Read my review and find out!

“Fringe” Review: “One Night in October”

One fantastic episode. With one fantastically large asterisk attached to it. What does that mean? Read my full review to find out!

“Fringe” Season 4 Premiere: Review and Podcast

“Fringe” is back, y’all. And I’ve got you completely covered. First up? My full review of tonight’s episode, “Neither Here nor There,” is live over at HitFix. But I had so much to say about it I couldn’t contain it in mere written form. Mo Ryan and I went and recorded an all-“Fringe” podcast to […]

What is the Boob Tube Dude covering this Fall?

It hasn’t exactly been quiet for yours truly this summer, but it’s been relatively manageable compared to my normal schedule. Well, that’s all about to change in a few weeks, when the Fall TV schedule kicks into high gear, along with my reviews of those shows. So what will I be covering? First of all, […]

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Our Most Anticipated Returning Shows

Mo Ryan and I have a crazy huge show this week. 90+ minutes this time around, all about the shows we can’t wait to have back on our televisions. But these shows don’t come without reservations, either. We look at 10 returning favorites, plus a short look at FX’s “Louie” as it approaches the end […]