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“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan” talk “Torchwood”, plus listener questions

Mo Ryan and I are back, this time on Mo’s birthday! We had a jam-packed ep, with talk about 3 debuting shows, reaction to an unfortunate trend in online TV conversation, and a special birthday question from me to Mo. This week’s music: Love And Rockets’ “So Alive”; Prince’s “I Would Die 4 U” Time […]

“Fringe” Review: “The Day We Died”

Well, THAT happened. And my take is causing a bit of a stir, to say the least. What was my take? Check it out over at HitFix!

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan” talks “Justified” and “Fringe”

Mo Ryan and I are back, with an hour-long edition. (Which is short by our usual standards.) We preview the upcoming season finales of “Justified” and “Fringe,” plus take some more listener questions. Time stamps: “Justified”: 0:00 – 21:48 “Fringe”: 21:48 – 40:50 Thoughts on the ever-increasing ads for online television content: 40:50 – 48:56 […]

Friday Reviews: “Fringe” and “Camelot”

One ep to go for “Fringe,” and half a season left for “Camelot.” How’d they do? Read my “Fringe” review over at HitFix, and my “Camelot” review over at The A.V. Club. Enjoy!

“Fringe” Review: “6:02 AM EST”

Dear Fringe: Please get better episode titles. Ones like this make it patently silly to talk about over brunch the following morning. Luckily, your eps are pretty good. Tonight’s didn’t hit the heights of the best of Season 3, but set the stage well for the final two episodes. Read my full review at Hitfix!

“Fringe” Review: “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide”

Crazy episode of “Fringe” to mark its return to TV and the start of its final season arc towards DOOMSDAY. No, not the entity that killed Superman. That crazy intergalactic Flobee of Evil. Read my full review of this “animated” episode over at Hitfix!

“Fringe” Review: “Stowaway”

Interesting episode tonight, what with Bellivia taking center stage. It also brought up the nature of fate versus free will, something I wrote a thing or two about back in my “Lost” days. Read all about my take over at HitFix!

Friday Night Reviews: “Fringe” and “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”

The final double dose for…well, I hope a while. I barely have a life as it is. But with “Spartacus” already over, it’s down to one show now. Below, click on my reviews for two excellent, if slightly imperfect, episodes. “Fringe”:  “Subject 13” “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”: “The Bitter End” Enjoy!

Friday Night Reviews: “Fringe” and “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”

Another Friday, another double dose of review goodness! As always, quick links to much longer articles. Fringe: “6B” “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”: “Reckoning” Enjoy!

Friday Night Reviews: “Fringe” and “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”

Another Friday, another set of review of two great shows. Links below. “Fringe”: “Immortality” “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”: “Behind the Mask” Enjoy!