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“Glee” Review: “Extraordinary Merry Christmas”

So yea, that episode happened. On the plus side? I wrote up a “Glee”-centric holiday poem. Sure to be a classic! Read the full review over at HitFix.

Reviews: “Glee” and “AFI’s Master Class”

Think of this as a two-for-Tuesday, people. AFI’s Master Class: The Art of Collaboration Glee: “Mash Off”

“Glee” Review: “Pot of Gold”

Sweet Grilled Cheesus, save me. That was awful. Read my full take over at HitFix.

“Glee” Review: “I Am Unicorn”

I reviewed Glee again for HitFix. But guess what? This week’s episode was actually…good. I know. I am as shocked as you. Find out why in my full review.

“Glee” Review: “The Purple Piano Project”

“Glee” is back. Yay? Find out what I thought about tonight’s Season 3 premiere over at HitFix.

“Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan”: Our Most Anticipated Returning Shows

Mo Ryan and I have a crazy huge show this week. 90+ minutes this time around, all about the shows we can’t wait to have back on our televisions. But these shows don’t come without reservations, either. We look at 10 returning favorites, plus a short look at FX’s “Louie” as it approaches the end […]

“Glee” Finale Review: “New York”

Well, THAT season happened. But know what? I’m oddly enthused about the third season, despite the debacle that was this previous year. Why? Read my full take over at HitFix and find out!

“Glee” Review: “Funeral”

Sigh. Just, sigh. Read my full review over at HitFix to learn the source of my distress.

“Glee” Review: “Prom Queen”

A surprisingly strong outing, albeit one marred slightly by an excess of storyline. Still, the Kurt/Karofsky stuff came to a head, and in a pretty interesting way. Read my full take over at HitFix!

“Glee” Review: “Rumours”

As always, I reviewed the FOX hit show “Glee” for HitFix. As almost always, I found myself thinking about what could have been. Read my full take here!