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Why it might be time to kill the post-mortem

At the end of the “Hannibal” series finale, I tweeted that it was a perfect end to that show. I don’t think it was a perfect finale, and I thought overall Season 3 was the weakest of all the seasons to date. But I thought the last ten minutes or so were gorgeously rendered and […]

Getting to “yes”: Redefining “big” stakes in modern television

The best and worst thing about having years of thoughts about television easily searchable online is that anyone can point to two statements that seemingly contradict one another and exclaim, “Aha! Hypocrite! Turn in your critic’s badge at the door and henceforth be gone from Al Gore’s interwebs!” Which is, of course, silly. There’s no […]

“Hannibal” season review: A strong central pair obscures some problems on the periphery

Everyone has a handful of shows that they simply know they must keep up with, but circumstances beyond his or her control render that completely impossible. It’s hard enough when you’re simply trying to watch a set number of shows, but when you’re also trying to respond to them in the form of criticism, podcasts, […]