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“Heroes” Recap: Trust and Blood

The superhero team you’ve always dreamed about. Peter! Ando! Parkman! A powerless Hiro! Mohinder! They make the Superfriends look like cold-blooded badasses. I asked for a group of heroes to join together and fight as one. I suppose I deserve this. In other news, Sylar picks up an apprentice, Angela refuses to grant absolution, and […]

“Heroes” Recap: A Clear and Present Danger

Were you like me, actually excited for new episodes of Heroes, only to see this promo and summarily blind yourself lest you have to see anything ever again? I manged to resist the urge to go all Oedipus upon myself and actually give the season a fighting chance. The verdict? A solid “meh,” with room […]

“Heroes” Recap: Episode 3.13

The best thing about “Villains”? It’s over, people. Stick a giant piece of glass into the back of its head and leave it inside the burning Company building, it’s dead. I’d love to think that the inconsistent plotting, schitzophrenic characterization, and over all what-the-f#ckery are also over now, but Lord knows they might yet find […]

“Heroes” Recap: Episode 3.12

Somewhere in the middle of tonight’s penultimate episode of the “Villains” volume, the show accidentally stumbled upon the very idea that should have been at the core of the entire volume: why does one person deserve power? That’s a deep, meaningful question, one just below the surface of nearly every character’s origin story and yet […]

“Heroes” Recap: Episode 3.11

There’s TV you watch intently; the kind that begs constant attention, vigilant surveillance, and a keen mind. Then there’s the TV you watch casually; the kind that you need only hear, not necessarily see, in which the outcome is fairly predetermined but you enjoy the ride anyways. Finally, there’s TV you watch while getting drunk; […]

“Heroes” Recap: Episode 3.10

 Many great works of art have dealt with the question, “What does it mean to be human?” I wouldn’t exactly put Heroes in the upper echelon of art, but I give it props for at least trying to apply the question to its own universe. The result? As with almost everything Heroes, a mixed bag. […]

“Heroes” Recap: Episode 3.9

 In many ways, tonight’s episode title told you all you needed to know about narrative progression in this week’s edition of Heroes. The ultimate purpose of “It’s Coming” was to set the table for the final run of this hit-and-miss volume of the once can’t-miss show. Emphasis lay in character, not action. It wasn’t exactly […]

“Heroes” Recap: Episode 3.8

When Heroes goes back in time, good things usually happen. Season 1’s “Six Months Ago” was a marvel of storytelling, weaving in backstory in a way that made audiences gasp. Tonight’s episode “Villains” didn’t quite reach those heights, but nevertheless made for an intriguing episode. Besides the stunning “Dying of the Light,” this was the […]

State of the Show: Heroes, Smallville, and Chuck, Oh My!

 Well, fellow television geeks, we’re heading into that glorious time of the television schedule: Fall sweeps! Sure, given the fragmented nature of television viewing, this period means a little less that it used to, but nonetheless shows strive to pull out all the stops in order to maximize their most important asset: creativity. And by […]

“Heroes” Recap: Episode 3.7

I understand how it’s possible to get narrative continuity wrong in a show like Heroes. Really, it’s quite simple. By this point, they’ve shown us about five different timelines, so trying to keep track of who does what when can be tricky. But when it comes to character continuity: Jesus H. Petrelli, guys: get with […]