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“Heroes”: An Invisible Thread

More like an inconvenient truth that yet again “Heroes” doesn’t know how to close the deal on a Volume of its show effectively. Read my full take over at HitFix.

“Heroes”: I Am Sylar

Read my full recap over at HitFix! In short: um, the Volume’s almost over! So that’s good.

“Heroes”: 1961

Well, Angela didn’t party like it was 1999, but she managed to be industrious and start her very own Company. Course, she lost a sister and inadvertantly started a massacre, but hey, you break a few eggs on the way to the top. Thanks for the business lesson, “Heroes“. Check out my full recap over […]

“Heroes” Recap: Turn and Face the Strange

If you’re wondering what that strange sensation is, it’s you kinda sorta liking “Heroes” again. You’ll be forgiven if you thought you lost it, not unlike that loving feeling. Whoa, that loving feeling. Check out my full recap over at HitFix.

“Heroes” Recap: Into Asylum

If you like tequila, this episode of “Heroes” was for you. As for the rest of us, well, not so much. Check out my full recap over at HitFix.

“Heroes” Recap: Cold Snap

Hell yea, that’s more like it. I’m not fully back on board with “Heroes,” but that was a step in the right direction. Believable character decisions, cool use of powers, and some actually emotional stuff (Parkman/Daphne, Hiro talking about his mother) to round everything out. Is the show “fixed”? Hardly, but at least it’s pointing […]

“Heroes” Recap: Shades of Gray

Not bad. Not bad. Not good, mind you, aside from Angela Petrelli sipping on Cristal and making Denko pee his pants. But the show might have pointed itself in a direction that could end this volume, dare I say it, satisfactorily? A bold claim, and one I might eventually regret, but there are seeds planted […]

“Heroes” Recap: Exposed

Every time Sylar says, “Mommy,” a kitten dies. Stop killing kittens, Heroes. In other news, Aquaman is ripped, Peter’s suddenly the smart Petrelli, Rebel just might be Morpheus, and The Hunter thinks Parkman is the bomb. Read my full take over at Hit Fix.

“Heroes”: Cold Wars

Well, kids, did you like Heroes Season 1’s “Company Man”? Didja ever wish the show would once again achieve such great heights? Unfortunately for us, merely having a Noah-centric episode does not a classic hour of television make. Instead, you sometimes get the more middling episode we got tonight. But the nostalgia didn’t stop there: […]

“Heroes” Recap: Building 26

Know what this show needed to kick it up a notch? Moira Freakin’ Kelly. And Heroes delivered on that front. Luckily, it also delivered on a few more, yielding a mildly diverting episode. “Mildly diverting” might sound like faint praise, but considering how bad “Generations” and “Villains” were as volumes, “mildly diverting” is something of […]