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Bill Lawrence on “Undateable,” rewarding fans, and the future of televised content

Even for an usually brutal winter, it’s a damn cold night in Boston as Bill Lawrence and the core cast of the upcoming NBC comedy “Undateable” roll into Boston this past March. Already unbearably cold for local denizens, the temperature seems to stun the Los Angeles natives that embarked on a multi-city comedy tour in […]

Cast members talk about being “word perfect” in the imperfect (but impossibly entertaining) world of “Scandal”

“Scandal” has only been off the air for a few weeks, but it undoubtedly feels like much longer for its die-hard fans. The second season pushed the show from one with interesting promise to one that pound for pound was one of the strongest hourlongs on any network, broadcast or cable. Pulpy, propulsive, and undeniably […]

Bill Lawrence on the art (and commerce) of modern TV storytelling

Back in November, in the wake of “Homeland”’s incredible episode “New Car Smell”, I interviewed several showrunners on the current climate of supersmart TV fans and how they were influencing modern TV storytelling. You can read that piece over at The Daily Beast, where Shawn Ryan (“The Shield”, “Terriers”, “Last Resort”), Steven DeKnight (“Spartacus”), and […]

A Conversation with Sundance Channel’s “Push Girls”

You don’t find me covering much reality television. And there’s a good reason for that. There’s a large portion of it that I find perfectly pleasant, but simply 1) don’t watch and 2) don’t cover. There’s an even larger portion of this genre that I find odious and outright offensive. But Sundance Channel’s “Push Girls” […]