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From the Archives: The “Lost” Musical

My laptop probably should have died a year ago, but it’s relentlessly chugged along long past any reasonable amount of expectation. Still, I’ve been backing it up lately, just on the offchance it decides to commit seppuku when I try to open Microsoft Word and GarageBand simultaneously. While doing so today, I realized I’ve been […]

Dear Internet: Forgive Damon Lindelof, and Forgive Yourselves

The title really says it all. To be clear up front: I’m talking to those that forced Lindelof to leave Twitter, those that bitterly complained about “Lost” with every tweet he delivered, those that nearly four and a half years after the series finale can’t take that episode’s sole mantra and simply let go. You. […]

Why shows that break your heart are the most important ones to watch

If you watch enough TV, then it will inevitably break your heart. Maybe a show you love will kill off a character, or maybe it will go completely off the rails and lose any of the charm you once found in it. Or, as in the potential case of a show like “Enlisted,” not enough […]

Live together, or meth alone: On “Lost,” “Breaking Bad,” and lingering anger in fandom

There’s something constantly curious about intense fandom, no matter what the medium. I won’t pretend to know if TV fans are different in kind or quality when it comes to this type of intensity versus fans of film, music, or other genres I’m not equipped to analyze critically. But I can take as a base […]

How “serialization without destination” may form the next age of television

It’s August 15, which doesn’t mean a lot to many of you, but means it’s “8/15 Day” for fans of “Lost.” Eight and fifteen were two of the six Numbers that occupied a non-small part of that show’s expansive mythology, making today simultaneously a time to celebrate that show’s run and a fresh opportunity to […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go: A look at the third season of “Friday Night Lights”

As promised on my podcast, “Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan,” I’m writing up my belated thoughts on each individual season of “Friday Night Lights” as I finally get through them. All thoughts below are based on knowledge of Season 3, and nothing else that follows. Please keep any comments below centered around Season 3, […]

The Top 10 Television Shows of 2010: Part 3

We’re finally here, boys and girls: the moment at least seven of you have been waiting for. It’s my Top 5 shows of 2010! Earlier in the week I outlined my Incompletes/Near Misses, then dropped Number 10 through 6 on you soon after. But today? It’s The Final Countdown. But we’re not leaving for Venus, […]

Review: ‘Lost’ Season 6 on Blu-Ray

In some ways, a DVD review of the final season of “Lost” isn’t altogether necessary. Any review, whether it by me or someone else, will not sway a single person into buying a copy. Minds have already been made up. “Lost” isn’t the type of show that allows you to buy merely your favorite season: […]

‘Lost’: Why it’s impossible to be spoiled by ‘The New Man in Charge’

Far be it for me to let a little “Lost” controversy slip by into the ether of the interwebs without making a comment or two. Or four. Or eight. Or…you know what? Not gonna do it. Not gonna repeat all The Numbers. That was cute pre-“The End”, but now seems something more appropriate for John […]

‘Lost’: Emmy nomination analysis and a look back at ‘The End’

I’ve not written a word about “Lost” since my last article about it over at Zap2it, but with today’s Emmy Awards nominations, coupled with a recent rewatch of the series finale, I’m going to try and gather up a few thoughts about today’s announcements…