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Guess Who’s Back…Back Again….

It’s been far too long for an update here. I’ve been so busy writing over in other abodes that I’ve neglected my homebase here. I’m like another Ryan: Ryan Bingham from the film “Up in the Air,” spending most of his time on the road and barely doing anything with his base of operations. But […]

What I’m Up To This Summer

Not a lot here, but a ton over at Zap2it. I’ll be posted periodically here, but mostly over there. Zap2it’s Guide to Lost: Four or more entries per week, every week, through the end of the show. Jon&Kate Plus 8: A “What They Said, What They Meant” look at the controversial reality show. I Survived […]

“Lost” Recap: Episode 5.16

5,000+ words later, I don’t have much to add here. Read my full recap of the “Lost” finale here. I’ll eventually add it here as well, but after 3+ hours of writing, I’m spent for now. So please click the link for my take on the controversial season finale.

“Lost” Recap: Episode 5.15

We’re near the end of Season 5, “Lost” fans, but you wouldn’t know it. Ever gone on a run, and the finish line seems to get further and further away as you approach it? You know you’re moving forwards, but it feels as if the finish line is moving away at an even more rapid […]

“Lost” Recap: Episode 5.14

With its 100th episode, “Lost” pulled out all the stops tonight with “The Variable,” a Faraday-centric episode that sought to shed light not only on his whereabouts in the past, but his purpose throughout the history of the Dharma Initiative. While the episode featured some outstanding work by Jeremy Davies and a few incredible reveals, […]

100 Things I Love About Lost

I have been compiling a list of 100 things I love about my favorite show: episodes, scenes, moments, lines, and anything else you can think of, I’ve compiled into one master list over at Zap2it. 20 things per season, ranging from the sublime to the ridonkulous. Click on any of the following links for a […]

Exclusive: Hurley’s Script for “The Empire Strikes Back”

I managed to get hold of the super secret notebook in which Hurley added “improvements” to George Lucas’ classic film. Read the entire script here.

“Lost” Recap: Episode 5.13

For a Miles-centric episode, he was curiously the least interesting thing about the entire hour. While the events surrounding his character was generally fraught with intrigue, mystery, and more than a dash of mythology, we didn’t learn a whole lot about the man himself. The biggest thing we learned? That like 97% of the “Lost” […]

“Lost” Recap: Episode 5.12

Ben Linus. Brian K. Vaughn. Like this could possibly have not been awesome. Throw in Ben’s nemesis John Locke and Vaughn’s writing partner Elizabeth Sarnoff and you had an instant classic of a “Lost” episode, entitled “Dead is Dead.” You crave answers? The episode delivered. You wanted even more mystery? The episode delivered. You want […]

‘Lost’ Recap: Episode 5.11

 It’s almost Pavlovian at this point: you realize you’re watching a Kate-centric episode of “Lost,” and you start to get that “oh, no” pit in your stomach. Let’s just say most fans of the show ill never, ever give toy planes to their offspring as gifts thanks to her backstory. But in “Whatever Happened, Happened,” […]